Product Range for Low Pressure Die Casting Industry

  ALUTIT Aluminum Titanate High-Performance Ceramics for the Nonferrous Molten Metal Industry

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LPDC Stalk Tube

Compelling benefits

With its specific range of performance characteristics, Aluminum Titanate offers a number of convincing benefits. It is the sum of these application advantages that tips the scales in its favor:

» Due to their outstanding thermal shock resistance, ALUTIT components can be directly exposed to the molten metal without any preheating.
» The anti-wetting properties of ALUTIT prevent metal adhesion, simplify cleaning, and extend operating periods between cleaning cycles.
» With its low thermal conductivity, ALUTIT will contribute significantly to the energy efficiency of your casting process, reduce melt temperature gradients, and provide valuable solidification delay (e.g., in sprue pin areas).
» The high resistance of ALUTIT to chemical attack by nonferrous molten metals increases component service life and will therefore boost your plant efficiency, while simultaneously enhancing product quality due to the absence of decomposition products degrading the metal.
» ALUTIT has a specific gravity that is only about one-half that of gray cast iron, resulting in obvious handling benefits.

A structure characterized by a microfine system of fissures gives ALUTIT its unique performance characteristics:

» Low thermal conductivity
» Low thermal expansion
» Excellent thermal shock behavior
» Good corrosion resistance
» Outstanding temperature resistance
» No or little wetting by most molten metals