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Aluminium Foundry Furnaces
Aluminium Recycling Furnaces
Heat Treatment Furnaces
Aluminium Foundry Refractories
INSERTEC has an experience of more than 30 years in the manufacture of Industrial Furnaces.

INSERTEC design and manufacture a wide range of Industrial Furnaces for the Aluminium Foundry, on turn-key installations.
Foundry Applications :
  • Melting and Holding
  • Heat Treatment
Ancilliary Equipments :
Ancilliary Equipments for the INSERTEC installations.

  • Charging Machines
  • Chips Drier & Delaquering Systems
  • Transport Pots
  • Spare Parts
  • Repairs
Industrial Sectors :
  • High Pressure Die casting
  • Low Pressure Die casting
  • Sand and permanet mold Gravity

INSERTEC, desing and manufacture a wide a range of Furnaces and Refractories for Aluminium Recycling sector, on turn - key basis.
Aluminium Recycling :
  • Scraps, Baled, Profiles
  • UBC, Chips, Turnnings...
  • White & Black Dross
Ancilliary Equipments :
  • Chips Drier & Delaquer System
  • Ingots Casting Machines
  • Ladle Pots for molten metal transport
  • Charging & Skimming machines
  • Pre-Treatment system for scrap
  • Oxy/Gas & Regenerative combustion system
  • Stirring system with mechanical or electromagnetic pumps
  • SCADA Monitoring Systems
Industrial Sectors :
  • Secondary Recycling
  • In - House Foundry Recycling

INSERTEC, design and manufacture a wide range of Furnaces for Heating, Forging and Heat Treatment, on turn-key installations.
Industrial Sectors :
  • Automotive parts
  • Siderometallurgic
  • Aerospace
  • Wind Energy and Petrochemical
  • Tools and Fasteners
  • Bearing and Gears
  • Heat - Treatment in general
Process :
  • Continuous and Bach Type.
  • Under Inert or controlled atmosphere.
  • Temperatures from 100ºC Up to 1250ºC.
  “T6 Heat Treatment Furnace”

INSERTEC manufactures and supplies Continous Installations for Aluminium T6 Heat Treatment, specially aimed at industrial sectors, such as:
  • Automotive parts.
  • Railway.
  • Electric and energy.
  • Marine.


INSERTEC designs and manufactures a wide range of products for the Aluminium Industry.

Looking forward to finding out the most innovating enginnering solutions and with the International highest tecnological level, INSERTEC technical team works with the most demanding aluminium producers and with the support of the best technological centers.

In INSERTEC we provide with SIFCA technology to our customers with highest mechanical demands/requirements.
INSERTEC has developed a lining methodology based only in precast shapes, moving step forward in the refractory engineering.
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